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As of 1 January 2022 the interdisciplinary thematic centre Aarhus Space Centre at Aarhus University has officially started operations.

The new centre for coordination and development of space activities at Aarhus University, SpaCe, opened quietly 1 January 2022, and due to the corona-situation without any celebrations - they will come later at a more convenient time.

Space is closer than you think, and we are ready to move with more examples of new and innovative approaches to collaborations and new endeavors based on research, education and corporation activities worldwide.

SpaCe will become Aarhus University’s centre for interdisciplinary space activities and a facilitator for collaboration between departments, sections etc. at AU working with space in education, research and innovation. The centre invites all interested researchers and students to participate, and we are also already building up several connections to external partners in Denmark.   

As one of the first activities we will be sending our Steering Group in an orbit visiting all the departments within Aarhus University where space related activities are important for research and education, providing information on what we can do for you concerning support and coordination if you are at all interested in some of the many varied uses of space. We aim to cover all space related activities; not only technical and within hard science but also e.g. in law, medicine, psychology, economics - you name it!

Centre Director professor Hans Kjeldsen elaborates: "We are looking forward to further develop and coordinate space related activities broadly here at AU." Vice Director Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen adds: "- and also to visit the various professional environments, meeting students and researchers to strengthen the collaboration between departments at AU in relation to space activities."

Space activities are becoming an integrated part of research and education at AU and all over the world private entities are laying the foundation for a quickly growing space industry. More than 200 companies and educational institutions in Denmark are at present working with space-related themes. In Denmark alone some 2400 people are employed with space-related work and with this initiative we aim for even more space-employed students from AU for the benefit of society. 

Downstream of data from a wealth of satellites and space vehicles have become a determining factor in order to be able to provide high quality surveillance, observations, environmental studies and modelling of the Earth and the Universe.  

The developments in space industry - also in Denmark - show that building specially designed instruments and small satellites, plus the development of space hardware as a part of the development of new technologies is not reserved for larger industrial companies and international space organizations like ESA and NASA.

SpaCe has already begun our educational space activities a little ahead with a student-managed satellite, Delphini-1, and we are deeply involved in the next missions, DISCO-1 and DISCO-2, which will build on the success of the first satellite and e.g. focus on monitoring climate change, especially in Arctic regions.  

SpaCe is building up efforts in support of entrepreneurship and innovation. Since February 2021 AU has been hosting the Aarhus-branch of the ESA incubations program ESA BIC. In collaboration with The Kitchen in Universitetsbyen and the established space industry, we intend to expand these activities under the Innovation Hub.

You will find more background information on this website.  Join us!