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An interdisciplinary thematic centre covering all space related activities at Aarhus University

Coverage: Applications of space science in a broad sense at AU: Research, education, innovation, external and internal collaborations

SpaCe News

DEEP General Assembly 24 September 2021 - Deadline 17 September

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Students interested in space are able to pick between more than 200 courses at Danish universities

A recent mapping done by the Partnership for Space Related Educations (Partnerskabet for Rumrelaterede Uddannelser) with partners at the six Danish universities DTU, KU, AAU, AU, SDU and the IT University shows that there is a wealth of possibilities for the students interested in all aspects of space and space related research.

The partners are genuinely surprised: "Mapping the many courses has in itself been an eye-opener. We have obtained a new insight in how courses at e.g. the IT University can be used in space related work. It has also been quite a surprise to see just how many courses are available e.g. at Aarhus University"

The mapping report and the press release accompanying it are available in Danish only. You can find them here:

Mapping report - Kortlægning af rumrelaterede uddannelser og kurser i Danmark

Press release.

Professor Signe Normand receives the Elite Research Prize for 2021

SpaCe Events

Official opening of SpaCe expected October 2021

We are still eagerly awaiting when to be able to officially open the Aarhus Space Centre with a get-together in persons. A date will appear here a.s.a.p. and invitations will be sent out. There will be launches of corks!