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JWST unveils the Dark Side of Pre-stellar Ice Chemistry

The discovery of diverse ices in the darkest, coldest regions of a molecular cloud measured to date has been announced by an international team of astronomers using the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. Researchers at the Center for Interstellar Catalysis,  University of Aarhus and at Copenhagen University made important contributions to this work.

See the paper and press release here.

DISCO-2 contract signed on 10 January 2023

IFA signs contract with ESA on development of new giant Mars and Moon simulator


Upcoming satellites will help monitoring the origin of CO2 emmissions, Christoffer Karoff explains

The full press release (in Danish only) can be found via this link.

DEEP General Assembly 26 September 2022 Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of the DEEP General Assembly

Time: 26 September 2022 at 10-15

Place: Room S12 DTU and online

Agenda and minutes can be found here.

Listen to space and SpaCe news on podcast

Every Thursday Morning at 10 you can hear space news on the talk-radio channel R4DIO, and later you can hear the individual broadcasts as podcasts. Our people at SpaCe has been participating several times, and below are links to some of the radioshows - all are in Danish, and are hosted by Thomas Schumann. From SpaCe some of the participants are Christoffer Karoff, Hans Kjeldsen and Ole J. Knudsen.

Volcanic explosions visible from space - and a handicapped Danish astronaut candidate.

Asteroid discovered hours before it hit Earth.

Safe landing for US astronaut in Russian space ship and Hubble image of eldest star.

War in Ukraine effects the mood aboard the ISS.

Asteroid defence and space debris from Russian test.

Twinkle, twinkle little Christmas Star

Så kan vi bygge DISCO-2!

"en helt vild oplevelse" udtaler fysikstuderende Astrid Theil. Hun er med i det team fra Aarhus Universitet og IT-Universitetet i København, som nu skal hårdt igang med at bygge deres helt egen satellit DISCO-2. Pengene er sikret, og så kan de studerende gå i gang med for alvor at få fingrene ned i projektet. Opsendelse i sommeren 2023, om alt går vel. Pressemeddelelsen med status for projektet pr marts 2022 kan findes her (på Dansk).