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DEEP – Danish Earth Exploration Partnership

DEEP is a partnership for people working with Earth Observations (EO) in Denmark. The goals of the partnership are to:

·      Increase the collaboration between partners working with EO in Denmark

·      Contribute to the capacity building and talent development within EO in Denmark

·      Increase the awareness of the use of EO in Denmark and thereby contribute to the capitalization of the innovation potential by developing new business models.

The work that led to the formation of DEEP started when former Minister for Higher Education and Science, Thommy Ahlers, in 2018 initiated a partnership program to support the initiatives in the national space strategy from 2016.

The space strategy can be found here: https://ufm.dk/en/publications/2016/denmarks-national-space-strategy

Bylaws for the DEEP partnership (in Danish only).

Join us in the DEEP

Everybody that agrees with the goals of DEEP (provided in the bylaws) can be a member of DEEP.

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